How Exercising Everyday Changes Your Body?

We all know the positive effects of exercises on our body. Exercises change you externally as well as internally no matter what purpose you do them for. It changes your personality, makes you look good, increases your alertness and mood, and gives you a new perspective to a better life. But have you ever wondered how it actually works on different parts of our body? Today’s post is about the positive effects of exercising on our body.


Exercise increases heart rate and circulates more oxygen to different parts of our body. When you become habitual to your exercising routine, your heart becomes more prone and efficient to this routine, delivering maximum oxygen, making our blood pressure normal and enabling you to stay fit.


When we do exercising, our brain cells starts functioning at higher level with an increased efficiency, causing better controls on the whole body movements. You become more alert and feel focused on any work. Exercising also increases some stress relieving chemicals in brain. This is the reason you feel happy after a workout session.


After doing a physical workout, our kidneys filter an increased level of proteins into the urine, causing better water re-absorption that results in less urine and helps you stay hydrated for long.


Exercises detoxify our body by increasing the productivity of various organs, enabling their better working and detoxifying waste substances. Exercises basically promote the circulation of both blood and lymph, causing the lymph and liver nodes better perform their job of cleansing and purifying the blood and lymph. Moreover, exercising also makes our immunity stronger, enabling complete food digestion and absorption of vital nutrients present in food that we eat.

Makes our Health Better

Physical workouts are meant to keep you healthy and stay away from diseases with an increased functionality of various body organs. This increased functionality makes our immune system more capable of fighting germs and viruses and helps us avoid a number of diseases.

Joints and Bones

Physical workouts are also important for strengthening bones and joints. Individuals who do exercises everyday achieve maximum bone density and strength, making them more coordinating and balancing which also prevents any fails and related fractures. Some of the bones strengthening activities are high impact workouts, jumping, climbing, running gymnastics, martial arts and skipping etc.

From brain to our lungs and other parts of the body, there is no single portion which is not influenced by the positive effects of exercises. If youre a beginner, you may feel pretty bad in the starting of exercising routine because exercising actually damage your muscles in the beginning and they need to adapt to the impact of physical workouts and thus takes time to get repaired. And once your muscles are repaired, they become stronger. It usually takes 24-48 hours for a muscle to repair itself and once it is done, you can enjoy your exercise.