Know How To Dress Seductively And Still Look Classy


When you choose to dress seductively, there is a thin line between looking elegant and looking like you are too easy. It is possible to look classy and sexy at the same time, but one must make sure not to overdo things. It is all about your dress and how you dress. For instance, a mini skirt, a crop top and a red lipstick have the power to make you look incredibly sexy, but if you wear it all together, it might not look too classy. Relax! Don’t fret. We have it all sorted for you. Follow these easy pointers and voila! You will master the art of looking sexy yet classy.

1. Leave something to the imagination

Don’t make the mistake of getting too excited and doing things excessively. Looking sexy doesn’t mean you bare it all on the first go. Sometimes, it is easy to get influenced by a movie scene or a magazine cover but don’t. You need to figure out the perfect outfit that will accentuate your sex appeal. So, how to choose the perfect outfit? For that, you need to figure out your best feature and what you would like to display.

If your best feature is your cleavage, wear a low-cut top and cover the rest of your body. For example,you could choose a low-cut top and jeans or a low-cut maxi dress. Make sure you put one area on display at a time. This will drive your man crazy. Your exposed body part will keep him enticed the entire time and when you both are finally alone, things will surely get steamy.

2. A good posture

A good posture will emphasize all your best features and it will make you look incredibly confident. Nothing says sexy and classy like a confident woman. When you wear your confidence like an accessory, it is definitely a big turn on.Let me give you an example, you are wearing a stunning yet alluring strapless dress, but you are sitting there slouched. It is a Big NO, right? So, instead of slouching, just imagine yourself maintaining a good posture, it will instantly make you look self-assured and sexy as hell.

3. Show him your good manners

Okay, so now you are wondering how good manners will help? My dear, nobody likes someone impolite or bitchy- yes, maybe when necessary, but this is so not the place. A simple please and thank you makes a lot of difference. It makes you look elegant and classy.

4. Be well groomed

This goes without saying. A well-groomed woman is a mixture of sexy, classy and confident. Make sure your nails are done. If you are opting for a mini skirt, your legs need to be waxed and donĂ¢t forget to dab some of your favourite fragrances.

5. Makeup and hair

Don’t overdo your makeup. For instance, if you are opting for bold red lips, keep the rest of the makeup minimal and if you are going for Smokey eyes then opt for a nude lipstick. Keep your hairstyle simple because simplicity is sexy.

And finally, don’t forget to flirt!

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